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Trick or Treat Obama Style

As unemployment climbs to new highs, President Obama is claiming credit for 640k new jobs "created" be spending taxpayer's money. The $1 trillion dollar stimulus went to big banks and union industries that are rapidly lowering their workforces and eliminating jobs. The money is taken from individuals and small businesses that increase productivity and sent to Washington and the big banks. No country has every taxed and spent its way to riches and it cannot happen now!

IRS Increasing Audits of Businesses with Subcontractors!

IRS Increasing Audits of Businesses with Subcontractors!

The Wall Street Journal reported today the IRS is attacking business. Established and growing companies are being audited by the Internal Revenue Service to force compaies to treat independent contractors as employees. Construction subcontractors, cable installers, drivers, dancers, and other normal independent contractors are being argued as employees. All businesses should have their tax attorney review there employee and independent contractor agreements and documents.