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Senate Misses the Boat - US High Taxes force Businesses to Move to Other Countries. (see

Once again, Congress is focusing on businesses that have used smart planning in order to avoid the excessive US corporate and personal tax rates as well as the extremely complex compliance costs.  Instead of focusing on how to lower US taxes and make tax compliance easier and less expensive, the US Senate is now picking on Caterpillar as a so-called "tax dodge".
The US has extremely high corporate tax rates of 35%.  This means if a corporation makes a $100 profit, it pays $35 federal tax (plus State tax which could be 10% or higher).  The remaining money when distributed to the shareholders gets taxed again at the shareholders rate which could be up to 39 1/2% plus State tax. So for example $100 of earnings would be $35 of federal tax, $10 of State tax leaving $55.  The $55 would be taxed at the individual level with a combined federal and State tax of approximately 50% yieldin…