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Let's end the draft started by Pre. Lincoln in the Civil War!

The Draft is Slavery. End it. Congress has been debating the merits of adding women into Selective Service to be drafted with men during times of national emergency. Sen. Rand Paul has suggested that it would be better to end the draft. The Libertarian Party agrees. "The draft is simply slavery by another name. Drafting people to go abroad and kill or be killed is barbaric and a discredit to our military and country," says Nicholas Sarwark, chair of the Libertarian National Committee. If a national emergency is so severe to merit mobilizing extra troops, Americans from all backgrounds, ages, and genders will pitch in to do what is needed. The Libertarian Party urges elected leaders to end the draft and also to pursue foreign policy which is less dependent on military might. The United States has many tools of foreign policy at our disposal that do not require force. Military force should always be a last resort and only in defense. The Libertarian Party is the only political party i…

Sugar tax on soft drinks helps beverage companies!

This past Thursday, Philadelphia city Council, under the prodding of its mayor James Kenney, imposed a 1.5 sent tax per ounce of "sugary" soft drinks. The idea is to prevent obesity. Of course, this will prove to be totally useless for several reasons.

First, even though the beverage industry is fighting these taxes, the truth is no one could be happier than the beverage industry. It is much more expensive to make a soft drink with sugar or high fructose corn syrup than with NutraSweet or any other varieties of artificial sweeteners. Even though study after study has shown that people who drink "diet" drinks do not lose any weight and fact may have a tendency to gain weight, the beverage industry pushes diet soda to make more profit.

Now, Philadelphia, like some other big cities, has decided to play right into the hands of the beverage industry. More people will choose to save the tax (on a 20 ounce soda it is $.30) and start to drink diet sodas. The beverage indus…

European and State Governments Squeezing Businesses for tax Dollars!

European governments are attacking American businesses trying to get as much tax money as possible. The latest leader in this witchhunt is France. They are not only going after companies for large civil taxes but they are at going after the businesses and the employees of the business for criminal penalties and possibly jail. Leading the list are Google, McDonald's and All these companies have some relationship to France by having services sold through subsidiaries, but the French do not care about legal structures of business. They just want their tax!

This sounds a lot like many State governments. New Jersey is always trying to find "nexus" to pull in out-of-state businesses as being subject to New Jersey taxes. Also any business located in New Jersey is subject to grueling sales and use tax audits and lengthy appeals and court hearings. It is a real problem particularly when the company tries to handle it themselves or have an accountant represent them i…