Democrats push for more IRS Audits!

Democrats push for more IRS Audits!

January 17, 2007 -House Democrats are holding hearings on whether federal tax collectors are too quick to close audits of large companies, potentially leaving billions of dollars in taxes uncollected. Reps. Richard Neal, D-Mass., and Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., said they were concerned about a recent story in the New York Times in which IRS employees said they were under pressure from superiors to quickly close audits with agreements to collect only a fraction of the taxes that are potentially owed.

IRS officials told the Times that the complaints by the IRS employees were misguided. Debbie Nolan, the I.R.S. official in charge of auditing large and medium-size businesses, denied that audits were being closed over the objections of agents who had evidence that significant additional taxes were owed, the newspaper reported.

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