Beware of Scam calls claiming to be from the IRS

Scam IRS Calls!

I am getting many calls from clients and potential clients saying the are getting calls from the “IRS” and are given strange numbers to call.  These are scam telephone calls trying to get personal information such as social security numbers, dates of birth, bank account information so that they can take money from your accounts and uses information as part of identity theft rings.  One typical sign of the scam fraud is the caller stating “you were going to jail”.

You will Never Get a Call from IRS without First Receiving a Letter

In fact, you will never get a call from the IRS threatening you in any way about jail, criminal matters or demanding that you give them information over the phone right away .  Before you get such a call, you will get a written notice from the IRS.  These notices will demand payment of tax and will either be from the IRS/ACS which does have 800 numbers, or from a local “Revenue Agent” who is in IRS employee and collector.

Never Give Information Over the Telephone!

Never give any information over the phone.  Rather, get the persons name, address, telephone number and IRS employee number.  You should then immediately call your tax attorney.  If you in fact owe tax, your tax attorney will file a power of attorney with the IRS and the IRS will contact the attorney rather than you.

I have had many panicked clients call me with this information and it turns out that they are just scams.  If for some reason it is real, then I deal with the matter directly.

Never, ever, give your information to anyone claimed to be from any taxing authority over the telephone!  

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