Jon Stewart got it Right - Obama is "Iron Man" when it comes to oppressing People

IRS Non-Apology Over Harassing Tea Party Non-Profits

Jon Stewart, on the Daily Show pegged Pres. Obama and the IRS for what they really are:

"You've managed to show that when the government wants to do good things, your managerial competence falls somewhere between David Brent and a cat chasing a laser pointer," Stewart said. "But when government wants to flex its more malevolent muscles, you're f—ing Iron Man." 

The IRS is totally under the control of the politicians and bureaucrats and is being used as a political attack machine. Pres. Obama follows a long line of Executive Branch abuse of the IRS. President Clinton had his IRS hit list, President Nixon had a similar list. Now, the Obama Administration has upped the ante by attacking Tea Party Non-profits to stymie the opposition. Who knows what other dirty tricks lies in the halls of the IRS at the hands of which politicians.

It is time to clean house. If Congress would do its job and reform the entire Internal Revenue Code to make it simple and easily enforceable, it would prevent this abuse of power. Let the IRS be a taxing only agency, not a branch of government designed to force people to do or not do what is politically fashionable.

Give us a break!

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