TaxScam - It's Worse than We Thought!

President Obama now joins former Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Clinton in using the IRS to hammer his political opponents. Treasury officials knew of the attack by the IRS against Tea Party Conservatives in June, 2012 in the middle of Pres. Obama's re-election campaign. The Treasury Inspector General, who is supposed to protect taxpayers from IRS abuse, knew all about TaxScam and did nothing.

Congress is screaming, and President Obama fired the Temporary IRS Director (who was leaving in 3 weeks anyway.) Other than that, nothing changed at the IRS. This simply confirms that the IRS is a political arm of the government, not an objective and neutral agency to fairly administer tax law.

Tax law is not fair and the administration of the law is tilted. Maybe, we need to start over?

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